Blade & Soul: Fresh thoughts about “Currency exchange system”

“some” people, the hell is your argument even about? you implyin’ that people are suppose to dump more than half of their wage into a game where they can get the same amount of currency by spending atleast 4hrs daily before or after work and compensate tenfold during weekends? I mean like you have to realize If i’m gonna sell all soulstones i get daily(without spending more than 6 rounds at arena, doing arenas on weekend would result in ALOT more income at the end of the month) + only the most profitable daily quests which would take like 2-3hrs to complete and passive marketplace profit from craft selling that doesnt take more than 2 clicks per 24hrs. I would make ATLEAST 950g in a month by spending roughly 3-4 hours daily,YES THATS HOW EASY GETTING THE GOLD IS.(without even including more time during weekends that’ll compensate for taking days off the game or being lazy and skipping some dailies). And this is like ultra casual and avarage way of farming bns gold ingame Im confident there are people who are better at craft profiting and marketplace manipulations than me. Now back to your argument, you’re suggesting that people spend atleast 950eu on game monthly? Doesn’t sound stupid to you? You don’t need to pay bills or eat? Right now endgame gear is around 1500-2k gold worth what are you gonna do when new content comes out? The only excuse I can find for someone who’s typing what you did, is that you still didn’t reach 45 and have no clue how to even get as low as 5g per 24hrs? which is 155eu per month. It’s just not fitting into my head if you’re not willing or able to spend even 7HRS in a whole WEEK on a MMORPG why would you even want to dump so much money on it? If you’re gonna be replying include avg. monthly wage in your country and your own atleast roughly if the price is still “pretty fair”.


Blade & Soul Team’s Holiday Wishes and Upcoming Events

The Blade & Soul team recently has posted the holiday wishes to all the players and their family through the official forum. During this time, the Blade and Soul Team will be spending the rest of the year with their families. Customer Support will be available to take your inquiries but keep in mind that response times may be slower during this period…


Blade & Soul: How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast

We all know that if you play Blade & Soul to the high levels you will be able to enjoy lots of benefits such as packs and weapons. How do we get our level up fast? Are there any guides? Here we offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game…


How to PVP with Blademaster?

Im sitting around 1500-1600 and i find it really hard to beat any classes.
KFM: their Q and E gives them 1 sec of iframe after use while mine doesnt. This allow to be avoid my cc and then cc me after. I can beat them from time to time depending if they make a mistake.

Destroyer: They are just too tanky. They can easily survive my whole combo. The round can last up to 2 minutes but he eventually widows me down. Plus idk how to counter their grab.Now you can buy blade & soul gold with a pretty cheap price on our website, I can use V to escape 1 grab, but they grab me 2 more time before it goes off cd and then im dead.

FM: I can beat them consistently unless they are a god. But I have trouble with their constant grabs and throws into cc chain.

Sin: I cant seem to do anything unless I get a really good opener and they burn tab early. When my cc is back up, they either have flower down or their tab is back up. Even if I save my tab for their web, lightning slash combo, bomb combo, They just restealth and cc me with LMB after. Plus I find it hard hitting them in stealth as their LMB and lightning slash outranges my tab, 3. Also they can just poison me and I can’t block.

LBM: I have some success against them, but their spin to win makes it difficult for me to cc them. Once they activate their Z, they can just press X and go through my block and then proceed to cc chain me.

Summoner: By far the hardest class for me. I cant really burst their cat down and if I focus cat, I get chunked. If I go after the summoner, I get cced. Even if their cat is dead, I find it really hard to get onto them. They just keep stealthing. I know you arent suppose to him them when they have a dandelion on them, but they still have many other ways of escaping. They just keep ktiing and ccing. I can’t seem to find any counter play.

I just feel like I do not damage compared to other classes. When KFM does their full combo, they just constant animation cancel and youre dead if tab is down. Destroyer just turns on rage and press RMB two times. FM just constant snares and prevent movement spells. LBM uses lightning and animation cancels and youre dead. Sin full combo takes a bit longer to kill compared to kfm, lbm, destryoer, but they can cc for so long and cant move at all. When I’m playing BM, I feel like theres no damage as its just LMB between ccs. No animation cancels or anything. I only feel like I’m doing some damage when I blade & soul gold in draw, but you can only press that a few times before you need to switch stances and go back into normal stance. Plus a lot of my cc are knockdowns or dazes so they just press F. Blademaster have a lot of cc, but I just can’t kill them as there just isn’t damage. Like LBM doesnt have a lot of cc, but their lightning LMB F animation cancel combo can 1 shot people really quickly.

Blade & Soul [CN] to Release New Christmas Fashion

Recently, while enjoying the 2 year anniversary, the official team of Blade and Soul Chinese server revealed the upcoming contents in next update. Besides some adjustment to game’s balance, the brand new Christmas fashion will also be released in this update.

The Christmas fashion includes the male one, female one as well as the one for summoned cat. It’s time to dress up and have some fun in this Christmas.

blade & soul christmas #5

blade & soul christmas #1

blade & soul christmas #3

blade & soul christmas #3

blade & soul christmas #4