NCSoft Community Managers Got into troubles because of getting dibs on names before names reservation began

It’s name reservation day, for many founders pack buyers of Blade and Soul and a community manager Akli Amichi (youmukon) has single-handedly ruined their days.

Players that have bought the $75 Disciple pack and $125 Master Pack, might not be able to reserve the names they wanted. Why?

Well because community managers and Brand Managers are getting dibs on the names BEFORE NAME RESERVATION EVEN BEGAN.

Getting the perk to reserve a maximum of 7 NAMES total (As opposed to the Master pack’s 2 names or Disciple’s 1)

CM Youmukon has stated the following:


The reddit Blade and Soul community has found out this information through a name finder a program that shows which user has what names.

They’ve also found out that Youmukon isn’t the only one mocking and taking the names but the brand manager (Julianne Harty) is also participating in the name taking before name reservation even went live for the EU/NA players.

On Blade and Soul, Youmukon issued this half-hearted apology and the reason why the names were taken, under the claim that: “We believed that players would claim the names to SELL them”

NCsoft replied:

I guess I got outed.

So, gem names. That’s me. Since before we even announced the game, we had various Mascots that represented each class, each with a name. You see them in the website and the trailers. For example, “Ruby” is our Assassin. I reserved a lot of these gem names because the mascots will be in the game and used for various purposes such as creating video content or participating in in-game events. I needed the names to be “clean” so that they would be easily recognizable and identified as a special character of sorts.

In regards to popular NPC names being taken: this should have been expected. No, you cannot play “Mushin” on “Mushin” server.

In regards to our CMs having multiple names: this is tricky waters, so please understand (I’m also jet lagged so not the most coherent). A GM character cannot switch servers currently, so GM characters are dedicated to 1 server. In normal circumstances, GMs and CMs just use the same name across all servers, but we don’t have that luxury. Those who are expected to have a GM-type role in the game was given the ability to reserve up to 7 names to be used as GM names. The general rule of thumb for GM names is to have either a personal moniker or a name that is easily recognizable and identifiable as someone special. Yes, I understand that they could also use “GM_Naruto” instead of “Naruto”, but this brings me to my last point:

Shady people sell popular names. To me, that’s more unfair than losing out on the lottery for the name that you want, because someone has come in and reserved a name specifically so that they can earn money on it. You want a definition of pay to win? THAT is it right there – a person paying $400 just to have Naruto and bypassing the lottery system. We have, in the past, reserved popular names in order to prevent this sort of shady stuff from happening. I can’t speak for Youmukon right now, since I’m on the road, but it’s highly possible that this is a scenario that is occurring and that the names will be released later on in a more fair manner that prevents this sort of account/name selling. This is not uncommon; its just unfortunate that we have the character lookup so you can see a lot of the inner workings of the game being prepared for launch.

Please be assured, we’re not trying to screw you out of your money or rig the system or anything of the sort. There was always a chance that the name you wanted would not be available for various reasons. Many of the complaints that I’m reading are legit and valid; but we’re employees of NCSoft first, and gamers next, not the other way around. Our priority is the experience of the game for our players first and a lot of what we do is not meant to put ourselves as the first one to score a much-desired anime name, but keep an eye out for all the potential pitfalls that can ,and have, arisen.

Lastly, I apologise if I came across as dismissive and flippant. I was having a light-hearted banter regarding reserving Naruto, given my history with the name, and did not realise until too late that my playful tone would not necessarily be interpreted as such and I did not consider the level of disappoint or hurt that many people are experiencing because they felt unfairly treated. I apologise again