Should You Buy Gold From Blade and Soul’s Currency Exchange Or Third-Party RMT Sellers?

As a Blade and Soul player, you might be torn between buying gold from the Currency Exchange or from third-party sellers. This guide can help you decide which option is best suited for your needs.

When To Buy From The Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange is a player market which is allows players to buy and sell gold to each other, with the developers taking a small cut from gold sales. A player that wants to buy gold will first need to purchase NCoin, and then spend that NCoin to purchase gold.

You want to support the developers

Purchasing gold from the Currency Exchange is a way to support the developers. Each gold transaction in the Currency Exchange provides some more profit to the company that runs Blade and Soul. If you are not paying for a subscription already and do not purchase from the cash shop, then this might be your way of at least forking over some cash to the game makers.

You want risk-free gold purchases

There is virtually no way for you to get duped through the Currency Exchange since it is directly managed by the Blade and Soul developers. If there are problems with regards to the gold transaction, then you can simply file a ticket and then the issue will be investigated and resolved. This is perfect for people who do not want to take on any risk.

You want to purchase gold from the officially sanctioned market

The Currency Exchange is the sanctioned market for buying and selling gold, and is recommended to players heavily. Meanwhile, third-party sellers do not have the blessing of the developers, even those that provide safe and cheap services. If you are not comfortable purchasing gold outside of the sanctioned market, then you have no choice but to stick to the Currency Exchange.

The Currency Exchange system has plenty of supporters. Many praise the functionality of the system, and how the prescribed market for gold buying and selling brings a bit more security than third-party sellers.

“I’m a fan of this system, As farmers will have a hard time undercutting the player-based system. So when people pay to win at least the gold is staying in-game. Just need to focus on gold farming bots, Which players will always take the risk of doing,” said one user from the fan site Blade and Soul dojo.

“All in all, the Currency Exchange is a safe way to covert real world cash into gold legally through the developers and publisher of Blade & Soul,” said writer David Stonecipher.

When To Buy From Third-Party Sellers

You can buy gold from hundreds of third-party sellers. Many of these sellers have been operating for decades and they accumulate their gold supply by creating accounts in the game that farm gold. Players can buy gold from third-party sellers through their websites, and then the gold is transferred to the buyer’s account in as fast as several minutes.

Third-party sellers have their fair share of fans as well, with many citing the more affordable prices, fast delivery speed, and surprising convenience of using their services.

You want overall cheaper prices

According to players, one of the biggest advantages that third-party RMT sellers have over the Currency Exchange is their low prices.

Blade and Soul gold can be purchased from RMT sellers for as low as $2.46 per 10 Gold on the NA-Hajoon server, which comes down to $0.246 per gold, according to the price tracker as of March 18, 2016. This is enough of an incentive for players to purchase from third-party sellers – because who doesn’t want to get more gold for his hard-earned dollar?

Compare this $0.83 per gold rate at the Currency Exchange, given a $0.0125 per NCoin conversion factor. The fact that the Currency Exchange is far more expensive than third-party sellers is not surprising because of the lower amount of gold available for sale in the Currency Exchange, and the additional taxes that the developer imposes on the market.

You need lots of gold fast

For balancing purposes, the Currency Exchange puts on restrictions on the amount of gold seller orders per day. If you are late to the party, then you might run out of gold from the Currency Exchange and end up having to wait the next day. There is a huge amount of gold demand in the Currency Exchange and this not only jacks up prices but also leads to a limited supply.

So when you need to buy a large amount of gold right now – maybe to gear up for a raid or acquire that very expensive item you are eyeing – then you can consider RMT sellers. You can reliably buy gold whenever you need it from the hundreds of third-party sellers, especially when the Currency Exchange has run out of gold.

A typical seller should be able to deliver gold in as fast as a few minutes. For larger orders, it can take a few hours or up to a day, but this happens less frequently. The reason is that most sellers have a large network of gold suppliers that keeps supply high and prices low.

You do not want to get stuck with NCoin

If you use the Currency Exchange to buy gold, the developers require you to purchase NCoin with your real world dollars in various bundles. You can then spend NCoin to purchase gold from the player-sellers in the Currency Exchange. But this leads to awkward moments when you are forced to buy more NCoin than you need, and you are either forced to spend more dollars or get stuck with NCoin in your account.

Basically, if you want an exact amount of Gold or have a specific budget in mind, then RMT sellers can often cater to your custom orders. Compare this to the Currency Exchange where you have to adjust to the NCoin bundles available.


Blade & Soul: Fresh thoughts about “Currency exchange system”

“some” people, the hell is your argument even about? you implyin’ that people are suppose to dump more than half of their wage into a game where they can get the same amount of currency by spending atleast 4hrs daily before or after work and compensate tenfold during weekends? I mean like you have to realize If i’m gonna sell all soulstones i get daily(without spending more than 6 rounds at arena, doing arenas on weekend would result in ALOT more income at the end of the month) + only the most profitable daily quests which would take like 2-3hrs to complete and passive marketplace profit from craft selling that doesnt take more than 2 clicks per 24hrs. I would make ATLEAST 950g in a month by spending roughly 3-4 hours daily,YES THATS HOW EASY GETTING THE GOLD IS.(without even including more time during weekends that’ll compensate for taking days off the game or being lazy and skipping some dailies). And this is like ultra casual and avarage way of farming bns gold ingame Im confident there are people who are better at craft profiting and marketplace manipulations than me. Now back to your argument, you’re suggesting that people spend atleast 950eu on game monthly? Doesn’t sound stupid to you? You don’t need to pay bills or eat? Right now endgame gear is around 1500-2k gold worth what are you gonna do when new content comes out? The only excuse I can find for someone who’s typing what you did, is that you still didn’t reach 45 and have no clue how to even get as low as 5g per 24hrs? which is 155eu per month. It’s just not fitting into my head if you’re not willing or able to spend even 7HRS in a whole WEEK on a MMORPG why would you even want to dump so much money on it? If you’re gonna be replying include avg. monthly wage in your country and your own atleast roughly if the price is still “pretty fair”.

Blade And Soul Gold Making Guide

The importance of gold income is one of the many interesting facts in Blade and Soul. Not only can gold save you much grinding time, it can also let you buy valuable materials and items. And since gold is needed to fuel their upgrades and other expenditures, for many players, the end-game goal is to have a good way of farming gold. In Blade and Soul, there are a few ways on how to do that. The ones worthy of note are running dungeons, crafting using your sub-professions, and buying and selling on the auction house.

The daily quests are the main source for gold. For sellable gold and materials, there are six major high-level dungeons that you can repeat every day. This process can go more quickly if you have a class that has good AoE skills and damage. Pull the mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then take them all out at once. However, you will need to pull fewer monsters at the same time if you are like the Assassin that has weaker defenses and is worse at AoE. This can allow you to move towards the level cap as not only does this provide you with gold, but also with experience. Although it is not always possible, it is generally better to try to solo dungeons instead of doing them as a group.

In this process, the auction house will be significant. Selling the crafts and materials you found in dungeons will involve the auction house. Blade and Soul starts off rapid until level 45 and then slows down to a grind thereafter. Except for buying some important materials if you cannot find them yourself, you will not need the auction house very much at the start. Further on, selling things of your own and buying more and more materials will require the use of the auction house.

You will be able to buy Blade And Soul Gold from and sell to people across your region since the auction house is cross-server. When a given kind of item will fetch a high price will be sometimes difficult to predict as demand for various items will change over time. New patches and changes can have a big effect on the items people want, so it is important to pay attention to them.

NCSoft Community Managers Got into troubles because of getting dibs on names before names reservation began

It’s name reservation day, for many founders pack buyers of Blade and Soul and a community manager Akli Amichi (youmukon) has single-handedly ruined their days.

Players that have bought the $75 Disciple pack and $125 Master Pack, might not be able to reserve the names they wanted. Why?

Well because community managers and Brand Managers are getting dibs on the names BEFORE NAME RESERVATION EVEN BEGAN.

Getting the perk to reserve a maximum of 7 NAMES total (As opposed to the Master pack’s 2 names or Disciple’s 1)

CM Youmukon has stated the following:


The reddit Blade and Soul community has found out this information through a name finder a program that shows which user has what names.

They’ve also found out that Youmukon isn’t the only one mocking and taking the names but the brand manager (Julianne Harty) is also participating in the name taking before name reservation even went live for the EU/NA players.

On Blade and Soul, Youmukon issued this half-hearted apology and the reason why the names were taken, under the claim that: “We believed that players would claim the names to SELL them”

NCsoft replied:

I guess I got outed.

So, gem names. That’s me. Since before we even announced the game, we had various Mascots that represented each class, each with a name. You see them in the website and the trailers. For example, “Ruby” is our Assassin. I reserved a lot of these gem names because the mascots will be in the game and used for various purposes such as creating video content or participating in in-game events. I needed the names to be “clean” so that they would be easily recognizable and identified as a special character of sorts.

In regards to popular NPC names being taken: this should have been expected. No, you cannot play “Mushin” on “Mushin” server.

In regards to our CMs having multiple names: this is tricky waters, so please understand (I’m also jet lagged so not the most coherent). A GM character cannot switch servers currently, so GM characters are dedicated to 1 server. In normal circumstances, GMs and CMs just use the same name across all servers, but we don’t have that luxury. Those who are expected to have a GM-type role in the game was given the ability to reserve up to 7 names to be used as GM names. The general rule of thumb for GM names is to have either a personal moniker or a name that is easily recognizable and identifiable as someone special. Yes, I understand that they could also use “GM_Naruto” instead of “Naruto”, but this brings me to my last point:

Shady people sell popular names. To me, that’s more unfair than losing out on the lottery for the name that you want, because someone has come in and reserved a name specifically so that they can earn money on it. You want a definition of pay to win? THAT is it right there – a person paying $400 just to have Naruto and bypassing the lottery system. We have, in the past, reserved popular names in order to prevent this sort of shady stuff from happening. I can’t speak for Youmukon right now, since I’m on the road, but it’s highly possible that this is a scenario that is occurring and that the names will be released later on in a more fair manner that prevents this sort of account/name selling. This is not uncommon; its just unfortunate that we have the character lookup so you can see a lot of the inner workings of the game being prepared for launch.

Please be assured, we’re not trying to screw you out of your money or rig the system or anything of the sort. There was always a chance that the name you wanted would not be available for various reasons. Many of the complaints that I’m reading are legit and valid; but we’re employees of NCSoft first, and gamers next, not the other way around. Our priority is the experience of the game for our players first and a lot of what we do is not meant to put ourselves as the first one to score a much-desired anime name, but keep an eye out for all the potential pitfalls that can ,and have, arisen.

Lastly, I apologise if I came across as dismissive and flippant. I was having a light-hearted banter regarding reserving Naruto, given my history with the name, and did not realise until too late that my playful tone would not necessarily be interpreted as such and I did not consider the level of disappoint or hurt that many people are experiencing because they felt unfairly treated. I apologise again

Let’s Have a Serious Discussion on Blade & Soul Costume Prices

In the following i am specifically talking about costume prices, since i did not look at every item the shop has to offer. I do know that this is not the final state of the prices and that they are most likely intentional high since from an marketing perspective it would be way worse to start with low prices and rise them than to start with high prices and to decrease them. But if noone talks about it they could get the impression that the blade & soul gold are not as insane as they are.
The prices are ridiculous. Most costumes are around 800 – 1600 NCoin.
That means an average costume costs between 10 and 20 bucks… which is just absolutely insane. I doubt that this word is even fitting anymore.

Dont get me wrong, i actually dont have a problem with paying for a game. I bought the master pack and i am going to be actively subbed. But honestly, i expect costumes to cost <= 5 bucks, with special (like seasonal, limited edition, …) ones maybe, maybe, being closer to the 7-10.

Assuming you play 2-3 chars and plan on buying 1-2 costumes each, which – let’s be honest – isnt that much, the amount of money you would have to put into the costumes alone is just way to high. If we go with an average of 1200 NCoin per costume that’d make 2.5*1.5*1200 = 4500 NCoin. Which is about 60 bucks. To put this into perspective, we are talking about nothing more than 1.5*2.5 = 3.75 costumes.

It doesnt even get much better if we only buy the costumes that would be considered “cheap” in the current shop.

The following is my own opinion and people might disagree with it:
I made the experience that, in nearly every game, i tend to spend a lot of money if i dont feel like it’s wasted at all. This means i, personally, keep on spending money and dont regret it if the game offers me “a lot” for the money i spend. On the other hand i made the experience that i tend to be think twice about spending money at all if the prices are ridiculous.
I mean, i spend 120 bucks on the master pack alone. Yes, there are NCoins in the pack. It’s about 90 bucks of NCoin. That doesnt change the fact that it’s a sh*itton of money and i dont want to see it melt before my eyes for something like 6-10 costumes.

I’m not sure right now, but if i got it right costumes are not even account but character bound, correct? In that case i’d say 5 bucks, equalling 400-500 NCoin for a costume would be the maximum they should demand.
To prevent people from saying “well they have to live from something too” – i know. Everyone knows. That doesnt mean that the prices should be ridiculously high 🙂
Putting the question aside if they loose a lot or not (considering that many more people will buy (more) when prices are lower), i hope that most people understand that games tend to run just fine with fair prices. Without naming specific titles, some of them are purchased with one-time payments, others have cheap/fair microtransactions. That includes server costs and service.

I hope i managed to present BladeSoulGold opinion on this topic. Since i’m not native in english i apologise for any mistakes made, i’ll blame the time ;D
Tell me your opinion on this. Do you think the prices are fair? Are you like me and like to spend money if you dont feel like it’s wasted? Or are you just fine with high prices since you only plan on buying one or two costumes?

One thing to add: I did never play the taiwan versions/chinese/.. version. So i’m assuming that you will get most costumes through drops/quests/rewards and just a few from the shop, but (!) that doesnt mean the current prices of up to 20 bucks for one costume are in any way justifiable.

Blade & Soul Team’s Holiday Wishes and Upcoming Events

The Blade & Soul team recently has posted the holiday wishes to all the players and their family through the official forum. During this time, the Blade and Soul Team will be spending the rest of the year with their families. Customer Support will be available to take your inquiries but keep in mind that response times may be slower during this period…